Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece (Michelangelo)

Masterpiece. A word that I hope would be used for one of my works.

Until that day comes, I could only view, admire, and wonder-“How could such amazing things be created?!”

I know masterpieces could be not only art but writings, architecture, nature, or anything else but I chose to pick Art.

I am a BIG fan of Art and some of my favorite periods are the Renaissance and the Baroque Periods.

But if I had to pick my absolute favorite artist, it would have to be Michelangelo.

One of his first masterpieces is a famous sculpture named: Pietà. I’m sure many of you know what it is or at least heard of it. To go into a little bit of history, the Pietà was created when Michelangelo when he was 24 years old and it is the ONLY work with his signature on it. When he created it, no one believed that it was him that sculpted it! Angered and Frustrated, he put his signature to prove that it was his work. He never did afterwards but nevertheless an interesting story!

Enough boring you with History. Here’s my Photo! The Pietà


There was some glass in front to protect the sculpture so there is a slight reflection of the walls behind me, Sorry about that! But (if you can zoom in) look at the details of that sculpture!! Michelangelo had a gift of making his work life-like. Each piece of cloth flows as if it was real; each fingernail has wrinkles on each segment and every muscle on the body is sculpted based on real muscle movements. Amazing!

The Next is my #1 Favorite; The Sistine Chapel.


A Masterpiece that truly takes your breath away. There is so much history and so many funny stories about how this came to be but I won’t talk about that now (I can hear the huge sigh of relief from you guys!!). If you ARE interested, I will post a link to my paper that I wrote regarding the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. Each painting has a story and it is quite interesting.

I saw this article online about Michelangelo so check it out if your interested!
10 Things You didn’t Know about the Artist Behind the Sistine Chapel.

The last one is (forgive me for incorporating religion) but it is one of millions of masterpieces of God.


It was actually on my flight back to Heathrow Airport from Rome. I miss those days.

Hope You Guys Enjoyed!!





Oxford University College Tours 4 (Streets 2)

Continuing My pictures of Streets! But it is going to be a little more modern streets.

Oxford’s Main Street!


And this next picture is by far my ABSOLUTE Favorite.


I love the Spring Flowers and the Color of the Buildings Matching and Blending Together.

Welcome to the Streets of Oxford.

Oxford University College Tours 1

When I first arrived at Oxford, i was taken around the city and the various colleges all around the area. And there is nothing more to say than: “It is Absolutely Beautiful.”

This is Christ Church College. This is my absolute Favorite College. I wanted to save some of the best for last but I couldn’t wait to show people. 😀


And Next to the College buildings, they have a beautiful place called Christ Church Meadow. The next two are the walkways that I would walk whenever I felt down or needed a place to think.



I don’t know why but I used to REALLY like HDR. Bear with me if these aren’t your favorite types. The paint-like features do look great but it does take away the “photo quality” of the photos don’t you think?

More from Abroad.

Midweek everyone!! Half way there.

While we’re waiting for that Friday 6pm to come around, Let’s share some more photos shall we?

Once again, these are pictures that I took during my Study Abroad at Oxford:


This isn’t the college I studied at but still makes a pretty decent picture. These were edited a while back and the colors are a bit “explosive” I think I used to like that a lot.

Next is just interesting to look at. I guess you can say it is the power of computer processing rather than actual photography. But like I said, it is still pretty interesting to see how you can create a paint like feel with three photos combined.


And the next two is.. well.. for me, England = Beer + Fish & Chips. So there you are:Image

The beauty of these pubs is that the Ales are all locally brewed and you basically see different “brands” every time you go into a different pub. I think my trip here really triggered my love for different types of beer.

And of Course:


Fish & Chips, TarTar Sauce, Peas, Malt Vinegar, and a whole lot of Beer to bring it all down. haha Good Times~!!

Now I feel like having a Beer after work… Who’s with me?!

Back in the Old Days..

These were taken when I bought my first personal DSLR (sometime in the distant past?).

I have always taken pictures and have always enjoyed photography and film but this was my first DSLR I personally owned. It was only a Nikon D3000 with a Stardard Kit lens (18-55mm 3.5?? Something like that) but I still had fun with it.

I had an interest in photography so I took a class for fun and bought this camera to use it for class!

This one is the one that I turned in for class haha


Yes, It’s cliche but I thought it was cool and amazing when I first took it!

And the rest of the pictures were from just messing around on the drive back home. Meh~ I tried lol



And then the following one was my first HDR since I figured out such things existed. Nothing Fancy.


I thought this was cooler when I first made it.. I swear.. lol

Well~~ These were the FIRST pictures as a COMPLETE Noobie on a camera so please be kind and generous and think of it as something.. “Cute” I’m sure everyone had days like these~!

Anyone else have a couple of their first photos as a “wanna-be-photographer” Amateur days?
I would love to see them! =D

Streets of Oxford 1


These are from when I was studying abroad at Oxford University.

It is an absolutely beautiful city with architecture that makes you want to take a picture of every single building one by one. Each building is so individually different from the other it is absolutely stunning.

These are only a Few of the Hundreds of pictures I have from my Study Abroad and Travels around Europe So I will post them here and there!

Tell me what you Think!!

(Taken with Nikon D7000)