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A NEW IS F COUPE?! Nope, Even Better – RC F

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the new IS. And just as I was wondering when the IS F is going to change, I saw this!!!


It’s really difficult to make out the exact shape and design of the car but you can make out the general shape of it, and I think it’ll be a pretty sexy beast. Image

I’m loving the Quad Exhaust from the F series.

ClubLexus put on their article that “The LF-CC is the basis for the new RC Coupe which is built on a combination of the new GS & IS platform.” And there will be  “An RC 350 coupe, possibly powered by the familiar 2GR-FSE 3.5L V6 with 306 HP” that be making its first debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later this year!

They also said that “An RC Hybrid, a production version of the LF-CC concept is scheduled to be released but only for the European and Japanese market only” But… it’s doesn’t apply to me because I live in the US… 

And my FAVORITE Part of this article about the New RC F!
“Forget the wild rumors of a turbocharged V6, a performance 460 HP V8 powered RC F will make its global debut in Detroit early next year.”
Roaring V8 Baby~ haha
Anyways, there is nothing confirmed at this point regarding the engine that the RC will have but either way, the design is a thumbs up for me and my anticipation is skyrocketing!
Well It’s mid week! Half way there! Hang in there Everyone!