Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece (Michelangelo)

Masterpiece. A word that I hope would be used for one of my works.

Until that day comes, I could only view, admire, and wonder-“How could such amazing things be created?!”

I know masterpieces could be not only art but writings, architecture, nature, or anything else but I chose to pick Art.

I am a BIG fan of Art and some of my favorite periods are the Renaissance and the Baroque Periods.

But if I had to pick my absolute favorite artist, it would have to be Michelangelo.

One of his first masterpieces is a famous sculpture named: Pietà. I’m sure many of you know what it is or at least heard of it. To go into a little bit of history, the Pietà was created when Michelangelo when he was 24 years old and it is the ONLY work with his signature on it. When he created it, no one believed that it was him that sculpted it! Angered and Frustrated, he put his signature to prove that it was his work. He never did afterwards but nevertheless an interesting story!

Enough boring you with History. Here’s my Photo! The Pietà


There was some glass in front to protect the sculpture so there is a slight reflection of the walls behind me, Sorry about that! But (if you can zoom in) look at the details of that sculpture!! Michelangelo had a gift of making his work life-like. Each piece of cloth flows as if it was real; each fingernail has wrinkles on each segment and every muscle on the body is sculpted based on real muscle movements. Amazing!

The Next is my #1 Favorite; The Sistine Chapel.


A Masterpiece that truly takes your breath away. There is so much history and so many funny stories about how this came to be but I won’t talk about that now (I can hear the huge sigh of relief from you guys!!). If you ARE interested, I will post a link to my paper that I wrote regarding the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. Each painting has a story and it is quite interesting.

I saw this article online about Michelangelo so check it out if your interested!
10 Things You didn’t Know about the Artist Behind the Sistine Chapel.

The last one is (forgive me for incorporating religion) but it is one of millions of masterpieces of God.


It was actually on my flight back to Heathrow Airport from Rome. I miss those days.

Hope You Guys Enjoyed!!





11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece (Michelangelo)

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  4. Those first two certainly are masterpieces, Shawn, and you’re absolutely correct about the millions of masterpieces God has created…including the ability to create those first two. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend,


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