More from Abroad.

Midweek everyone!! Half way there.

While we’re waiting for that Friday 6pm to come around, Let’s share some more photos shall we?

Once again, these are pictures that I took during my Study Abroad at Oxford:


This isn’t the college I studied at but still makes a pretty decent picture. These were edited a while back and the colors are a bit “explosive” I think I used to like that a lot.

Next is just interesting to look at. I guess you can say it is the power of computer processing rather than actual photography. But like I said, it is still pretty interesting to see how you can create a paint like feel with three photos combined.


And the next two is.. well.. for me, England = Beer + Fish & Chips. So there you are:Image

The beauty of these pubs is that the Ales are all locally brewed and you basically see different “brands” every time you go into a different pub. I think my trip here really triggered my love for different types of beer.

And of Course:


Fish & Chips, TarTar Sauce, Peas, Malt Vinegar, and a whole lot of Beer to bring it all down. haha Good Times~!!

Now I feel like having a Beer after work… Who’s with me?!


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