Back in the Old Days..

These were taken when I bought my first personal DSLR (sometime in the distant past?).

I have always taken pictures and have always enjoyed photography and film but this was my first DSLR I personally owned. It was only a Nikon D3000 with a Stardard Kit lens (18-55mm 3.5?? Something like that) but I still had fun with it.

I had an interest in photography so I took a class for fun and bought this camera to use it for class!

This one is the one that I turned in for class haha


Yes, It’s cliche but I thought it was cool and amazing when I first took it!

And the rest of the pictures were from just messing around on the drive back home. Meh~ I tried lol



And then the following one was my first HDR since I figured out such things existed. Nothing Fancy.


I thought this was cooler when I first made it.. I swear.. lol

Well~~ These were the FIRST pictures as a COMPLETE Noobie on a camera so please be kind and generous and think of it as something.. “Cute” I’m sure everyone had days like these~!

Anyone else have a couple of their first photos as a “wanna-be-photographer” Amateur days?
I would love to see them! =D


2 thoughts on “Back in the Old Days..

    • Aww Thank you Clementine. These were years ago, it’s okay. And I think it’s just one of those things: I am never satisfied with my work, I always want a little bit more.. You Know? 😛

      But once again, Thank you for the compliment!

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